Thankful Thursday (sixteen)

Thankful Thursday (sixteen)

hey internet. I’ve missed you?

I’ve been busy and my words have been broken. But here I am.


So yesterday for youth group we did a service night at the church. Pulling up carpet. It was hot and gross. But look what we found!

Service NightOn the right is the carpet that we removed. On the left is the beautiful hardwood floors.

Now, if I felt like it I could go into some Jesus-y thing about the beauty under the exterior or something-or-other (I mean, it was a church, it could be fitting). But I don’t want to (you are welcome).

Today I am thankful for something simple. Beautiful hardwood floors.


(oh and yes, I was totally that annoying person who stopped to take a picture while being in the way… I do what I want?)


Thankful Thursday (fifteen)

Thankful Thursday (fifteen)

I moved into my own apartment a little over a year ago (a tiny tour may be coming in the next week…)

My balcony happens to overlook my neighbors’ backyard. One day last summer it was hot and the AC in my apartment doesn’t do much so I was reading on the balcony. My neighbors happened to be out brewing beer. It was awkward.

Then they invited me over and it was super awkward.

And over the past year I became kind of friends with two of my neighbors. And then actual friends… I think (making friends is hard)

And I learned something. Neighbor-friends are awesome and I am thankful for mine.

Need a cheese grater? Call me, I got your back.

I need a food processor. Luckily you are generous and have one.

I’m supposed to make an apple cake for boss’s day tomorrow (not like actually tomorrow, but at the time it was tomorrow) but am missing an egg and it’s ten at night and in my pj’s, I don’t even need to put shoes on to get one.

My car broke down and I don’t have a way to get to work or I need a ride to church to take kids to camp; you’ll give me a ride, even though you literally can walk to work in like 30 seconds

I made two loaves of breads, a batch of cookies or some cake. I know you’ll enjoy it.

I grew up out in the country, I didn’t really have neighbors and I defiantly didn’t have neighbor-friends. But they are awesome, I am thankful for them and I hope I can be an equally good neighbor-friend.

Thankful Thursday (fourteen)

Thankful Thursday (fourteen)

okay, okay, I know it’s Friday.
and I know my poor blog has been neglected the past few months… I’m sorry

But I have reasons!
Well, one reason.

I went back to school and it was my first quarter. It was really busy working full-time, taking full-time classes all in the classroom, and attempting to maintain my somewhat of a social life…

Which leads me to thankful Thursday Friday….

I’m done!

I survived my first quarter back to school and maintained my sanity. I think I’ll have A’s but maybe one B or B+.

I love learning new things and in most of my classes I learned lots of exciting things like history and AP style (which I refuse to adhere to on my blog….  I’m a rebel at heart) and how to deal with a history group that is composed of all high schoolers who give you the impression they have nothing done for your final project that is worth 30% of your grade but somehow come through for you in the end.

So now I have two whole weeks off until…. summer quarter! I’m hoping to catch up on some reading and hopefully write a bit more and not have to rush to the school right after work. Also, sleep.

Thankful Thursday (thirteen)

Thankful Thursday (thirteen)

Today I am thankful for my job.

I have said many times that I really like my job, but it’s nothing that I am passionate about. This remains true.

So here are some reasons why my job is fantastic!

First the people. I work in a small office with only three people. Myself, the office manager and the executive director. Both are great to work with. I love that we get to go our for birthday lunches and Christmas dinners and all those things. They are both really supportive. I am blessed to have such great coworkers.

And secondly, my job allows me to do things that I love. I have been able to take vacations and I have been able to help with youth including taking kids to camp. My job allows me to be independent, I have my own apartment and pay all of my own bills and can stay out of debt. Since working here I have been able to take a vacation to Montana to visit a friend and another to California to watch my best friend graduate from college. And now I am, fingers crossed, going to New Hampshire in March to visit my best friend again.

I have been working here almost two years and while the work isn’t something I love, I truly love working here.
I am so blessed to work here.

Thankful Thursday (twelve)

Thankful Thursday (twelve)

I’ve been tired lately.
Just tired. Not soul weary tired. Not exhausted down to my bones tired. Not averaging four hours of sleep tired.

Just normal tired*

And I am thankful for my bed.

My bed that doesn’t get made enough. My bed that always has at least one book stacked in the upper right corner. My bed that is framed by an old head and foot board that I got for forty dollars at my favorite antique store. My bed with my perfectly level, spray painted, estate sale mirrors hung over it, with the promise they won’t fall on me in the night-time. My bed with my sweater blanket and heated mattress pad.



*on second thought, maybe I’m a little beyond normal tired… I did  just wrote an ode to my bed.

Thankful Thursday (eleven)

Thankful Thursday (eleven)

This year I have really been trying to being thankful.

It started with me just trying to be aware, then I decided to start doing Thankful Thursday here. And now, I have one more thing…

My thankfulness board!


Isn’t it great.

I won it from my wonderful friend Melissa’s blog (I was the only person who entered, but I still won!)


So far I have

  • Christmas
  • A picture of my family
  • Neighbors
  • This girl
  • A picture of this girl and her husband
  • A card from youth


So this week I am thankful for my new board (and the cute mini clothes-pins that came with it)

What are you thankful for this week?


Thankful Thursday (nine)

Thankful Thursday (nine)

I have the ability to listen to the same song on repeat for a very very very long time. Normal Most people find it annoying. But, to me, there is something oddly comforting about it

So this week I am thankful for those songs.

The songs that I think are fun and help me, for just a moment, ignore the weight on my heart

The songs that restore my soul, that bring me the same peace the first time as well as the tenth time.

“You take the weight from my shoulders. My hands were clenched now they’re open. I’ll take your goodness poured from the sky. Food from the ravens, water from the dry well.”