Banana pecan muffins with a nutella swirl -or- I am not a food photographer

Banana pecan muffins with a nutella swirl -or- I am not a food photographer

I thought for a moment that I should become one of those super cool baking and/or cooking bloggers. You know, they take super artistic pictures of their food, have sharp step-by-step pictures and instructions, peppered with witty comments. Then eventually they publish a cookbook that I can’t afford (I’m looking at you Smitten Kitchen)

I like to cook, I find it mostly fun, occasionally frustrating. But I love to bake.

I love taking a few ingredients (or in many cases more than a few) and making something delicious. I have wanted to make these muffins for a while now. But I didn’t have any eggs. But today, I got paid, I went grocery shopping and I made these delicious Nutella Banana Swirl Muffins. And I contemplated becoming one of those cool bloggers who has neat pictures of everything they do. Then I decided making these as quickly as possible was more important. But if you use your imagination you can see it

*Picture me whisking all of my dry goods together in my vintage Pyrex mixing bowl*
*Now, I smash my bananas and mix in all the wet ingredients*
*Look at me chopping those pecans, like a pro*
*dang those muffin tins look exactly 3/4 of the way full* and why yes that is more than a mere teaspoon of Nutella swirled through*

It’s like you were here in my kitchen with me (creepy)

I then proceeded to burn my fingers and my mouth eating one less than a minute after they were taken out of the oven.

Don’t those look just lovely (a food photographer I am not, but I did use my canisters as the background, I am just so dang artsy)

There are a lot of things that make me love baking, but my most favorite is sharing the food I make. Tonight I took a plate of these muffins over to my neighbor and we had a nice chat about things while sitting on their front porch sharing food. To me making food counts as an act of service and often leads to quality time (my two love languages) and I think that’s why I love it so much.

Now excuse me while I got eat another muffin with all of its banana, Nutella, pecan goodness


*I am not capable of filling muffins tins evenly.


Thankful Thursday (fifteen)

Thankful Thursday (fifteen)

I moved into my own apartment a little over a year ago (a tiny tour may be coming in the next week…)

My balcony happens to overlook my neighbors’ backyard. One day last summer it was hot and the AC in my apartment doesn’t do much so I was reading on the balcony. My neighbors happened to be out brewing beer. It was awkward.

Then they invited me over and it was super awkward.

And over the past year I became kind of friends with two of my neighbors. And then actual friends… I think (making friends is hard)

And I learned something. Neighbor-friends are awesome and I am thankful for mine.

Need a cheese grater? Call me, I got your back.

I need a food processor. Luckily you are generous and have one.

I’m supposed to make an apple cake for boss’s day tomorrow (not like actually tomorrow, but at the time it was tomorrow) but am missing an egg and it’s ten at night and in my pj’s, I don’t even need to put shoes on to get one.

My car broke down and I don’t have a way to get to work or I need a ride to church to take kids to camp; you’ll give me a ride, even though you literally can walk to work in like 30 seconds

I made two loaves of breads, a batch of cookies or some cake. I know you’ll enjoy it.

I grew up out in the country, I didn’t really have neighbors and I defiantly didn’t have neighbor-friends. But they are awesome, I am thankful for them and I hope I can be an equally good neighbor-friend.