Who is this “Tracy”

Hello all!

Welcome to my sporadic and often forgotten (by me) corner of the internet.

I am your classic twenty-something wanna-be-hippie-do-gooder who is often described as a hipster.
A few fun facts about me (presented in the third person) include:

  • Tracy
    • only does crossword puzzles in pen.
    • always tries to have cookie dough in her freezer for emergencies and a bottle of champagne on-hand for celebrations
    • can’t dance
    • often tries to convince her brother to join the flat earth society, solely for her own amusement
    • can fold a fitted sheet better than anyone she knows.
    • can often be found rambling (and maybe even blogging) about various topics such as:
      • Jesus
      • Books
      • Baking
      • Church
      • Thankfulness
      • Teenagers
      • Interrobangs
      • Doctor Who

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