Fun Sized Blogs (take three)

Fun Sized Blogs (take three)

Look! A blog full of fun sized blogs!

It’s been a while, internet. But hey, I’m a busy lady? Deal with it? I missed you?


I’m done. I finished my last class in December and I’m done! It hasn’t quite sunk in yet that I don’t have to be preparing for another class or that all this free time that I have is going to quickly vanish amongst night classes or homework.

I graduated with honors, getting only one B in my time at YVCC and a member of the honor society while working full-time and volunteering  (yes, I am bragging). Even though I am excited to be done (prepare for an unpopular opinion) I don’t feel a huge sense of accomplishment. I know, I know, I’m ridiculous. I think it might have to be with the high standards that I hold myself to. Or course I only got one B (curse you Plant Biology) because I get A’s and A-‘s… That’s what I do. Of course I graduated with honors and did it all while continuing my semi-normal life. That’s just what I do – If I can’t do something well and to the best of my abilities than I don’t know why I would want to spend my time doing it.



My favorite thing that has happened since finishing school is I have time to cook again. I can only handle eating out so much and frozen and pre-made meals make eating not fun (and lets not forget generally far unhealthier than I generally like.) Now that school is over and Christmas and New Years have passed along with all the time spent with friends that goes along with it I have time to cook again! When I have time to cook my relationship with food is better, I eat better and stick


One Word 2015

I did this in 2013 and though I didn’t really talk or blog about it it still impacted my year. I intended to do it last year, but a word never came to me and I let it go. Because I couldn’t decide on a word last year I didn’t really plan to doing it this year. But then a while I was reading another blog (Sarah Bessy’s for anyone who cares) and a word popped into my head. It didn’t leave. I mulled it over and thought of things that may be happening and the direction I am going and figured this word was the perfect fit.

My word for two thousand fifteen is



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