Sunday Project

Sunday Project

I had a nutrition quiz yesterday (48/50, woohoo!) afterwards I thought I deserved a break from schoolwork for a while, so I took a trip to the hardware store and finally bought some chalkboard paint. I always see fun looking projects on Pinterest and wanted to get in on the action. I bought a globe for a couple bucks at a yard sale close to a year ago, knowing I wanted to use it for some crafty purpose (I already have a globe that I put glittered pins in for all the places I’ve been)

Globe + Chalkboard paint = Chalkboard globe!

I thought about taking a “before” shot, the I remembered everyone knows what a globe looks like ( if you don’t, that is a bummer), but here are some pictures I did take!

The base was originally a weird clear-ish blue plastic, luckily I had some left over purple spray paint and primer so I could do away with that. I did about two coats and accidentally kicked my can of spray paint off the balcony while waiting for the first to dry… As it fell I was thinking ‘this will not end well.’ Somehow, it nicely landed standing up on a board in between the fence slats, what luck.
I painted half the globe, waited until it was dry to the touch, flipped it over and painted the other half, rinse and repeat.
When everything was dry to the touch I reassembled and put it back in its rightful spot atop the bookshelf

Easy peasy, perfect for a quick Sunday project.

I did have a quick intermission of going to look at a house with my neighbor-friend (my patio overlooks their backyard area so we have some nice chats from time to time. I also assured him that I saw this on the internet, so basically I am a professional globe painter) I would love to buy a house, so right now I am living vicariously through his house-buying endeavors.

The box said it would be chalkboard writable in (I think) two days, what should adorn my chalkboard globe with?

I bought the smallest can available of chalkboard paint, but I still have lots left, what other fun things should I use it for?


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