More Fun Sized Blogs

More Fun Sized Blogs

It’s time for everyone’s favorite fun sized blogs again! (no one told me this was their favorite, but that’s okay… I know)

Here are a few of the things that have been on my mind and have been occupying my time….


Two weeks away until the end of summer quarter and I am oh so excited.
One book to read, one movie to watch, five journal entries and one paper and Intro to Novel is done.
One assignment, two discussions, one quiz and one final and Nutrition 101 is done.

I am all registered for fall quarter. 17 credits in all, however I may drop my 2 credit class, even though it sounds really interesting and it is only offered in the fall. Despite my occasional complaining (usually on one aspect of school) I really enjoy school. Or at least I really enjoy learning things. I even made the Dean’s list for spring quarter

I have come to find that I really enjoy online classes, I have a much better handle on my time management and am able to do better work when I can view the PowerPoints or watch the videos on my time. There is one aspect of online classes that I am not a fan of though….

Group Projects

Seriously the worst thing ever. (actually my Nutrition project went very well, I was super impressed and surprised) My Intro to Novel group did not grasp the idea of deadlines, and now one is trying to blame me for one of her things not being done, even though I did 5 of the 9 items in our newspaper, along with editing and formatting the whole thing. Super awesome. (although, I just saw that one girl in my group is defending my work to the mean one, so that makes me feel better and less whiny about the whole thing)

Professors, teachers, all educational professionals why do you do this to us? It does not teach us responsibility or to work together, it teaches us to trust no one. Also, if I ignored deadlines like some of these people did, I would have been fired after one week at my job.


The Tumblr version of aDifferentBrandOfCrazy turned two on Sunday! I am truly shocked there is still no one who wants to pay me for my sporadic writing. Truly shocked.

In honor of this most auspicious occasion. I am going to attempt to set my blogging schedule (I tried this before, it lasted all of 2.5 weeks, dedication) Mondays, Thursdays, the occasional Saturday (if I’m feeling crazy) My next goal is to put less things in parenthesis (just kidding) also, use more puns and continue to refuse to follow AP style (watch me spell out whatever numbers I want, two thousand thirty seven.5!)


Guess where I am going (in like seven weeks)…..

New England. One week on the other side of the country, spending time with one of my dearest friends who I don’t see nearly enough. Living on opposite sides of the country may have something to do with that, hmm.

New Hampshire (my boss said he never saw a person so excited about New Hampshire)…. Boston…. Cape Cod…. I can barely contain my excitement. When I booked my plane ticket I told my friend that this is one of the moments that if I were a happy crier, I would be totally crying,

I actually tried to go on this trip in the spring, on my break between spring and summer quarter, it didn’t work out, but a second chance came I took it. Besides don’t all the songs talk about Boston in the fall (or is that just VeggieTales?)

What fun and exciting things are there to do in that part out the country?


Lately I have noticed the amount I complain has gone up and I don’t like it. I don’t really know when this started, or got to this level, but I need to work on it. The question is how? I usually just have one or two people who I will vent to, but that seems to be a growing group.

I’m thinking of doing a daily thankful list everyday or adding something to my thankfulness board everyday for a while to try to refocus my mind on the good things rather than the little annoyances. (I also want to start doing Thankful Thursday again, don’t hold me to it)

What do you think good ways to stop complaining are?


3 thoughts on “More Fun Sized Blogs

  1. I like to ask myself if that person really needstoknow what I’m saying/ does it really need to be said… And by like to i mean that is how I try to complain less 🙂 yay for new adventures!!!

    1. So you’re saying not everyone needs to know everything going in in my mind? That is a great thing to try to remember!

      New adventures I am oh, so excited for! 🙂

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