Thankful Thursday (fourteen)

Thankful Thursday (fourteen)

okay, okay, I know it’s Friday.
and I know my poor blog has been neglected the past few months… I’m sorry

But I have reasons!
Well, one reason.

I went back to school and it was my first quarter. It was really busy working full-time, taking full-time classes all in the classroom, and attempting to maintain my somewhat of a social life…

Which leads me to thankful Thursday Friday….

I’m done!

I survived my first quarter back to school and maintained my sanity. I think I’ll have A’s but maybe one B or B+.

I love learning new things and in most of my classes I learned lots of exciting things like history and AP style (which I refuse to adhere to on my blog….  I’m a rebel at heart) and how to deal with a history group that is composed of all high schoolers who give you the impression they have nothing done for your final project that is worth 30% of your grade but somehow come through for you in the end.

So now I have two whole weeks off until…. summer quarter! I’m hoping to catch up on some reading and hopefully write a bit more and not have to rush to the school right after work. Also, sleep.


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