the story isn’t over

the story isn’t over

I think Good Friday should also be known as “the day in which everyone felt forsaken”

Good Friday, the day Jesus was crucified.
The day Jesus, bloodied and hanging on a cross, cried out “my God, my God why have you forsaken me.”
The day the disciples saw what they thought was the end of their savior.

Imagine you had given up your life, your plans, your career, to follow a man. He said he would make you fishers of men. You believed him to be the Lord. He was going to be your savior.
And then after giving up you life to follow this man, he is dying.  Dying a slow, agonizing death. Crucified between two criminals.
They trusted him and then he died.
Death is supposed to be the end.

But the story wasn’t over. And it still isn’t.


I think in many ways we live in something of a perpetual Good Friday.
I see war. I see death. I see broken families. and I see hurting people. I don’t always see God.
And in that it is easy to feel forsaken by God.

But luckily the story isn’t over yet.


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