random thoughts on random subjects or Fun Sized Blogs

random thoughts on random subjects or Fun Sized Blogs

I’ve had a lot of little thoughts lately.  Some of these warrant more thought which I hope to give you in the near future (don’t hold your breathe)
But for now I thought I would give you some little snippets of what’s been on my mind.
I present to you some random thoughts on random subjects or as I probably shouldn’t call them (but most likely will) “fun sized blogs.


As you are probably aware, it is Lent. Growing up Lent wasn’t a thing (well, it was a thing, just not a thing we did.)
The last two years I have helped with the youth group at my church and we discuss Lent and all that goes a long with it during this season. Last year I very unsuccessfully tried to give up desserts and candy, but considering my birthday is during Lent, that quickly went down hill.

This year, I decided to give up reading blogs. Well, I am still reading blogs of personal friends, and never in my life have I been more annoyed they don’t post more. I have my blog subscriptions automatically filed with they come into my inbox and that file is taunting me every time I check my e-mail. TAUNTING ME.

Since this is only the second year I’ve tried giving something up for Lent, I am still figuring out what Lent is and what it means to me. It’s an exciting thing.


I’ve been thinking a lot our parties and celebrations. I feel that as a culture we don’t celebrate enough. Sure we have a lot of party type things. But how often do those actually really celebrate the person, event, whatever.
I am trying to live a life of celebration. Celebrating the big things, birthdays, weddings, graduations, new jobs, and the like. But also the little things, friendships that stretch across a country, my youth girls, a good hair day, new bookshelves.

Maybe being aware of these things is celebration enough. I don’t know?


Speaking of celebrations…. my birthday is in exactly one week.

But more importantly, one of my dearest friends birthday is today! right now! Twenty three! Yay Kimmie! We have been friends since the 5th grade and she just gets more and more awesome each year.

Go hunt her down, tell her happy birthday, bring her a cupcake!

Happy birthday to my dear friend Kimberly! (insert fireworks)


I am starting school in like one month. I am crazy nervous and excited. I am just one big ball of conflicting emotions about it.
Will I be able to work full-time and maintain a full-time student status?! We’ll find out.


I haven’t given you an update on my one word for two-thousand thirteen. Mostly because I don’t know. I don’t know how well I am embracing my word. I like to think I am. I am trying to be intentional about trusting people and I feel like that is coming from a place of freedom. So hmm, I’m excited to see what will come with that.

Well, that’s all I have for you right now. what’s been on your mind as of late?


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