Some things I should stop doing.

Some things I should stop doing.

I know we all do things that we know aren’t good for us but continue to do anyway.

Here are some of mine.

  • Reading comments on the internet. Seriously it needs to stop. I’ll read an article or watch a video about something I care about (sexuality, domestic violence, faith, etc.) and I think ‘oh, that was great lets read through the comments.’ NO. Right there, no comments. The comments section is where I lost my faith in humanity. But for some reason once I start I can’t stop. I get sucked into. I get angry but I don’t do anything about it.
  • Hate reading – This is when I read something that I know I will disagree with and I know it will make me angry. But I READ IT ANYWAY. Why I do this, I don’t know. This also happens in the comments section (see point one.)
    On most subjects I love to read a different point of view, even those I disagree with. It stretches the mind and that is great.  But there are certain subjects were I find the other point of view harmful and I know I will get angry at the victim blaming, sexism or whatever it may be.
  • Assuming that other people automatically don’t like me/assuming that people won’t listen to what I have to say.
  • Singing while grocery shopping (I don’t know if people stare because they think it is weird that I am singing to myself in wal*mart or because my voice sounds something like a cat in a trash compactor)
  • Talking to myself with the patio door and/or the windows open. Apparently the neighbors can hear. I want to be friends with them, I don’t want them to think I’m crazy
  • Staying home alone for extended periods of time (apparently when you start reading Macbeth out loud to yourself it’s time to leave the apartment)
  • Finishing books I don’t even kind of like a little bit. An Abundance of Katherines did not get better. Lolita is creeping me out. There are other books that I’ll enjoy and won’t make me cringe. Just because it’s a classic does not mean I have to like it or even read it.
  • Judging strangers on the internet based on how many stars they gave my favorite book on Goodreads (mind you, it is just the strangers on the internet. Real life people can like or dislike whatever books they want and my opinion of them does not change)
  • Stop thinking about whether my neighbors or strangers in wal*mart think I’m crazy for singing to myself why grocery shopping or talking to myself
  • Did I mention the comments on the internet?
  • Getting angry without action. I have been known to write strongly worded letters. I should take that up again (hey, it is better than doing nothing and letting my anger fester)
  • Making excuses for not posting the blogs I write


What do you do that you know you should stop doing?


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