Thankful Thursday (thirteen)

Thankful Thursday (thirteen)

Today I am thankful for my job.

I have said many times that I really like my job, but it’s nothing that I am passionate about. This remains true.

So here are some reasons why my job is fantastic!

First the people. I work in a small office with only three people. Myself, the office manager and the executive director. Both are great to work with. I love that we get to go our for birthday lunches and Christmas dinners and all those things. They are both really supportive. I am blessed to have such great coworkers.

And secondly, my job allows me to do things that I love. I have been able to take vacations and I have been able to help with youth including taking kids to camp. My job allows me to be independent, I have my own apartment and pay all of my own bills and can stay out of debt. Since working here I have been able to take a vacation to Montana to visit a friend and another to California to watch my best friend graduate from college. And now I am, fingers crossed, going to New Hampshire in March to visit my best friend again.

I have been working here almost two years and while the work isn’t something I love, I truly love working here.
I am so blessed to work here.


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