One Word – two thousand thirteen

One Word – two thousand thirteen

This is supposed to be the post where I list all the things I am going to start (or stop) doing this next year.

I’m going to start running. (hahahah, no)
I’m going to stop reading the comments on blogs, news articles, or YouTube videos, especially those that talk about gender, religion, sexuality, mention guns or politics. (actually, I seriously should stop this, my sanity could be restored a bit.)
I’m going to save more money. (because I obviously need to put more pressure on myself about money)
I’m going to stop body bashing.
I’m going to blog more (but not while at work) and I’m going to write once a day even if it’s just a paragraph.

But the truth is, I probably won’t do any of these things. I may try, but at the end of the next year, I’ll probably be reading the comments at the end of another article about modesty and have my faith in modern Christianity shaken just a bit more. I’ll probably only pull out my fancy-pants running shoes about ten times. I’ll probably “waste” some money on a solo vacation. And on multiple occasions I’ll probably look at my thighs, stomach, or arms and sigh deeply promising myself I’ll go running the next day or I won’t eat any more cookies.

I can just add these things to my closet of good-intentions.

So I’m not promising you or myself I’m going to do these things.

Instead this is where I claim my one word for two thousand thirteen.

My word is free.

I am free in Christ.
I am free to not be who others think I should be.
I am free to go on solo vacations.
I am free to stay at home.
I am free to skip church.
I am free to live in joy.
I am free to use as many lists as I please!
I am free to splurge every now and again.
I am free to go back to school.
I am free to wear what I please.
I am free to love others and myself fully.
I am free to use as many clichés I as please in my writing*

I am free and I will claim my freedom.



*Just kidding, we all know I avoid clichés like the plague


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