What do you mean that’s not vegetarian?!

What do you mean that’s not vegetarian?!

I’ve been thinking a lot about meat lately.

A nice hamburger. A juicy steak. Some almond crusted chicken.

Then I got convicted. Not about eating meat per say, but about how we get our meat*.

So I started making excuses. but I LOVE steak, chicken, roast beef, whatever.

So then I started bargaining, okay, I’ll stop eating meat when I go eat out and I’ll only buy meat that I know where it comes from. Local farms are great. My dad raises chickens.

Then I started adding other exceptions. Well I don’t want to be rude if I’m at someones house so I’ll eat meat it someone else serves it to me.

Then I thought I should stop making excusing and make a real decision about what to with this conviction.

Then I thought about how I don’t know how to be a vegetarian…. I know you don’t eat meat, but pretty much everything I know how to cook for dinner involves chicken. I have to think of new things to make.

Then I realized I don’t even know how to spell vegetarian. I can’t be something if I can’t spell it.

Then I thought that, I don’t want to  be that girl… everyone else wants to go here but they don’t have any vegetarian options so we have to go elsewhere just for Tracy. Ug. That girl.

Then I thought about how I’ll be like one of the six** vegetarians in this city, which will so make me that girl.

I got an eye roll.

Then I realized I’d have to tell people that I have become a vegetarian. I’m a steak and potatoes kind of girl. I’ve eaten buffalo and goat. I have no fear of weird meat. I can eat an entire Jo burger.  Me a vegetarian? How do I explain this?!

I got a “you’ll never be able to do that” when I first started thinking about this.

Then I learned that gummy bears aren’t vegetarian. What do you mean?! They are just shaped like bears, they aren’t actually made of bear… right (then I learned that sour patch kids are vegetarian, and felt a bit better)

I got a “when you give up I’ll be the first to tell you I told you so.”

Then I started feeling bad because this has been going on for a few months and I’ve just been ignoring it and enjoying that delicious hamburger.

So finally. I am ready to stop being a little girl who is ignoring her convictions because it’s going to be hard. That was a lie. I’m not ready. But I am going to do it anyway. And I’m hoping by putting this on my blog will give me the final push.

so, this is it. I’ve decided to become a vegetarian.

*I am so very aware that there are some farmers, local and otherwise, that treat their animals humanely and whatnot. And I think that is fantastic.

**I made up that number


3 thoughts on “What do you mean that’s not vegetarian?!

  1. good job! it’s important to listen to conviction. i’m proud of you. and i think i may actually know six vegetarians that live here….. so there HAS to be more than that.

    i did laugh out loud by your “i made that number up” footnote. ha!

      1. Thanks Melissa, that means a lot.

        Yeah, gummy bears AND marshmallows! I’ve already found some vegetarian marshmallows online… but they are like five bucks for a bag

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