Letters to Myself (part two)

Letters to Myself (part two)

Dear middle school Tracy,

This letter only has one point. To apologize.

I am sorry I didn’t treat you the way I should have.

I am sorry for not loving your body like I should. I am sorry for the mean things I thought about our acne, our stomach, our feet and our hair that would never lie quite right.

And I’m sorry for the mean things I think about being alone, unkissed and single. You are so young and don’t deserve that pressure from anybody, including me.
(here’s a hint, you like being single. Truly. I know you won’t believe this until much later. But I promise that it’s true. Don’t let other people think we need a boyfriend to be happy and fulfilled. it’s a lie that too many girls believe. You don’t need to be one)

I’m sorry that I put so much pressure on you to be perfect, to be happy. To be a different person.

Remember, you are beautiful even with messy hair and acne. Remember you are loved even with the horrible attitude.
Always remember that you are enough, always.

Be blessed,



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