you may be young

you may be young

You may be young, but you have something worth saying. What is it?

This is a response to Preston’s synchroblog over at SeePrestonBlog.

This question stumped me. I have been mulling it over for a while now and nothing seemed to come to me. I tried to think of something deep, theological, something that would make people think “hey, that girl, she’s one intelligent lady with excellent grammar.”
Something that I could say with grace and love.

Nothing seemed right. The things that I have to say have already been said.
They have been said by someone who is much wiser than I could ever dream of being. And by someone who loves greater than I can. And someone who writes much more clearly than myself.

I thought about talking about grace or how relationships and community are important. I thought about saying how we need to start viewing others how God views them or how we need to view ourselves as God sees us. I wanted to say something about the importance of honesty with ourselves and how our mistakes do not define us. I want people to know that the heartache does not last forever. I have so much going through my mind.

But nothing would come together. Nothing was right.

So what I have to say is simple, it has been said before and I’m sure it will be said again and again but it bears repeating.

The world is fallen and we are broken. But hope is not crazy and neither is love. And God will redeem our broken souls and this fallen world.


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