Thankful Thursday (one)

Thankful Thursday (one)

There are so many things to be thankful for. But too often I get caught up in the things that make me sad, things I don’t like or the generally unhappy things

I’m going to try to start focusing on more of the good things in life.

Sooooooo, today I am thankful for roadtrips.

My favorite form of traveling is driving. I’ll fly if I have to, but I really prefer to drive.

Some of my favorite memories with the family are the roadtrips we took together (they were also some of the only times the brother and I got along for extended periods of time). We live in Washington State and we have roadtripped to Washington DC, Colorado, Alaska, Minnesota, and Montana.

I’ve also gone to Mexico with my youth group.
And have gone to Montana a couple times with friends.
And there have been countless mini-roadtrips to Seattle, Spokane and Oregon. Some alone but most with the family or friends.

Right now I am planning a road trip from California to Washington. I am going to fly down to California for one of my best friend’s college graduation and am driving home with one of my really good friends.

I like virtually everything about roadtrips, even the things that most people dislike about them…

  • 18 hour driving days (mom and I swore we would never do that again.)
  • sleeping at rest stops
  • occasionally waking up and not knowing what state I’m in (I’m surprised that in my younger years some convenience store cashier didn’t think I was kidnapped)
  • soaking in a hot tub after spending all day in a car
  • driving into a new city for the first time (especially at night, with all the lights

I am looking forward to the roadtrips to come. As my friends move away I will have more places to visit. Or maybe I’ll move and be able to roadtrip home.


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