Best Latte Ever

Best Latte Ever

This evening I went to my favorite bookstore and the nearby Starbucks for some much needed me time.

I bought a book I cannot afford and I ordered another book that I also cannot afford. I then spent about an hour reading at Starbucks. I finished the Giver and started Push.

But that’s not what this is about.

Tonight, I had the best latte ever.
I ordered my 8oz, skinny, sugar free vanilla latte and a petite cherry pie. (I got the skinny & sugar free to justify my petite pie and lack of gym going) Anyway, I digress.

The barista who made the best latte ever asked if I like them foamy. Now, I love my lattes foamy but I have never been asked how foamy I want it.
He then asked if I would want a cappuccino instead (he then explained what exactly a cappuccino is.)

once again, I digress.

He then proceeded to make the best latte ever and then brought it out to me.
It was so foamy and so delicious.

I don’t know what made this latte so much better than all the other lattes I have had in the past.
Maybe the shots were pulled especially well.
Or maybe I have just been craving this latte and had been looking forward to it.
But more likely it is because in all of my years of 8oz latte buying I have never had anyone ask how much foam I liked. 

All I know is tonight I had the best latte ever and that barista made my evening, just by asking one question and walking the extra 20 feet to bring my latte to me.

Once again I am reminded of the little things that bring short, sweet moments of joy.


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