Twenty two

Twenty two

Today is my birthday. And I am excited.

I am excited about beginning my 22nd year of life.

21 had its good; my best friend got married, I got my first real job, had my first kiss and I moved out. And its not so good; I had to start taking a daily anxiety medication and I had my heart bruised by an unaware jackass.
Overall it was a great year.

I’ve been thinking the past couple days about how the beginning of my 22nd year of life seems to have a lot on common with my 12th year. I’m single. I have a face full of rather persistent acne. I’m dealing with anxiety. And my heart is hurting (for very different reasons, but that’s not the point.)

But there are also some major differences. I am aware of the amazing people I have in my life, both near and far. I know how to find joy in the little things that life brings and I am hopeful. I know this current sad season will not last forever. And I am so excited.

I love growing up. I love being able to look back at the past year or years and see the things that that I was too young, blind, busy, or stupid to notice. I know that a lot people don’t like getting older, but I love it. I intend to embrace every age.

I still have little no life direction but I am so excited to see where my 22nd year of life takes me.


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